Woodworm extermination services

If the timber at your property has been infected by woodworm, you can speak with the experts at Advanced Preservation Specialists Ltd.

Woodworm treatment

The most common beetle that infects timber is the 'Anobium Punctatum'. This lives in three year cycles. The first six to eight weeks it is an egg emerging as larvae which go on to feed on the timber for the next three years. Eventually the larvae pupates and changes to an adult beetle which then eats its way through the surface to fly off and find a mate, before the process begins again.

How we treat it

We treat woodworm by spraying liquid insecticide. This coats the surface of the timbers and produces a layer of residual fluid which will remain in place to ensure that any woodworm eating their way out of the timber will become sterile and unable to breed.

Woodwork removal experts

You can depend on our team to get rid of the woodworm at your property. We will also make sure your timber is left in a good condition. Have a look at our past work in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Contact us at Advanced Preservation Specialists Ltd today.
Professional from start to finish
"From the initial survey through to the end of the job I found APS to be thoroughly professional, the communication on when the job would start and what would happen throughout was first class .

Highly recommend this company ."
- Bruce R
If you require woodworm treatment in Glasgow, call us on 0141 445 5544
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