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Wet rot and Dry rot are two different types of fungi and should not be confused. The type of rot that establishes and grows is normally determined by the moisture content of the area. Dry rot will germinate at a moisture content of around 20-30% whilst Wet rot will needs much higher moisture content to grow – over 50%.

There are many different types of Wet rot however there is only one Dry rot fungi. Telling the difference between dry rot and wet rot is the first step to successful eradication of the outbreak. Here are Advanced Preservation Specialists Ltd we can conduct a full survey to locate and identify your type of rot and ensure the correct treatment is applied. All or our work is covered by our long term ten year guarantee.

Wet Rot Symptoms

Black/Dark fungus growing on timber.
Timber appears wet and spongy.
If Rot has dried, Timber will crack easily

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Dry Rot Symptons

Timber will easily crumble and will be dark or brown in color.
White sheets / Fungus on timber.
Other growths on timber.

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Unsure which type of wood rot you have?

If you think your property may have wood rot we’re here to help, the Advanced Preservation Specialists team of experts are experienced in the identification, removal and treatment of for dry and wet wood rot and cant care care of the full project for you.

The best course of action for any type of rot is to have a survey completed to fully assess the situation. Why not book a survey today?

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